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Nebraska Clammers

The terrain was a little different but these Cornhuskers did just fine.  We went out and got plenty of clams for Bob and Liz to enjoy during their vacation.  Thanks for a great trip!   find more


My good friend Jeremy was out fishing today, so Kelly and the kids went on a seashell hunt.  I don’t know….does it look like they had fun?!

Clamming (Girls vs. Guys)

Today my friends Dan and Chase took the girls out on a two hour clamming trip, then spent another hour on a sightseeing adventure! Thanks guys, what a beautiful day!  

First Cruise of the YEAR!

This morning my good friend and long time charter customer Tim brought his wife Mona out on a history/sightseeing/photography cruise. We had a great time as always and Mona captured some nice pictures from the creeks and marshes in Hatteras.