Risser Family Reunion

Our mission today was to catch enough fish to feed the 24 family members present for the Risser family reunion. I don’t think anyone will go hungry!

Since it was blowing southwest, better than 20 this morning, I gave my normal choppy day speech. Since these are special friends, I gave it twice. They took a vote, and decided that they wanted to fish. It was fine with me, so off we went. No one was dissappointed, it was plenty rough. The dolphins were almost non-existant today, only one boat found any, and for the most part, wahoos were the primary target. I wouldn’t call it ”red hot” fishing, but it was a fairly steady bite. I figured that we probably had 14 wahoo bites for the day. We managed to land six wahoos and a king mackerel. We also released a couple of barracudas. I’m sure no one will be let down when they sink their teeth into some of that fresh wahoo off the grill! Anyway, everyone in my group hung in there, and made a great day of it. Thanks guys!