absence makes the ......

I know it's been a while, good ol' Hatteras northeaster has had us shut down for a few days.

4/23 offshore report

The forcast was right on, it was a gorgeous day, and fishing was pretty good too.

Breeeezy fishing

The forcast was for choppy seas, but it didn't keep us in, and it didn't keep the tunas from biting!

Another Glassy Day!

We hoped for more of the same, and got it! Another gorgeous spring day in Hatteras.

Perfect Day!

It doesn't get any better than this. Slick calm, and plenty of action!

hot tuna!

The report I got from yesterday was ''hot tuna fishing'', so I wasn't surprised at what was waiting for us this morning.

buffalo stampede

Another day of quality fish in the box. Not huge numbers, but beautiful tunas.


After my last report, I thought that it would be appropriate to name this one after the challenging seas we faced today. Rough or not, the fishing wasn't half bad.


Gale warnings were posted from 2:00 this afternoon, so we were pleasantly surprised to get the day in.

tuna slam

Today we had our day! The tunas cooperated, and we wound up catching our limit.