Day In The Deep

When the goin' gets tough, the tough go to the deep! I spen my day out over 100 fathoms today, and it paid off with good dolphin fishing.

Flat Calm

May has never been any nicer! The fishing was a little on the scrappy side, but the weather was perfect.

First Billfish of 2006

We finally broke the ice for this season with a sailfish. There was a little bit of everything caught otherwise.

Scrappy day

Fishing today was all about being in the right place at the right time.

Party stood me up

Never try to predict Hatteras weather. It was supposed to be nasty today, and turned out to be fairly nice.

More Wahoos!

Today fishing was pretty good for everything, but I spent the day looking for wahoos and tunas.

wahoos and tunas and dolphins, oh my!!

Today was nothing but quality strikes and quality fish for the ''Godspeed''.

5/5 offshore report

Today there was a well defined color change that ran up and down the beach, and boats had pretty good fishing on it over a thirty mile stretch.

Quality Bites

I think everybody scrapped out a catch today, some better than others, but all in all pretty good fishing.


Man, nine days at the dock will make a man crazy! It was great to get out this morning, and greater to catch some fish.