Archived Offshore Fishing Reports

This archive contains ten years of offshore fishing reports and LOTS of pictures!  Enjoy looking through them as I do myself!  Lots of great memories!

9/29 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Cool, calm and cloudy. That described the conditions today.

9/27 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We ventured out into another choppy ocean thanks to northeast winds at 20-25.

9/26 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today the weather forecasts were dead on. Reasonably nice in the morning but pretty slanty out of the north by lunchtime.

Stormy Again

NOAA forecasted 10-15 out of the east with a slight chance of rain. What REALLY happened was southeast 20 all day and thunderstorms most of the day.

9/16 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Slick calm but scrappy fishing.

Pennsylvania Codgers

Elmer and the gang are some of my favorite "old codgers". They had another great day offshore today!

9/11 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

The weather couldn't have been nicer for our trip today, and the fishing was pretty good too!

9/10 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We enjoyed a cool north breeze today and a few wahoo bites!

Second Scratch

After Sty scratched "wahoo" off of his bucket list yesterday, I asked him what was next on the list. He said "a 40 pound wahoo".

Better Wahoo Action

Last time Sty fished with me we caught a grand slam, which wasn't on his bucket list, but he has been wanting to catch a wahoo, so we scratched that off for him today.

Day Two With The Crew

JP and the Daves fished again today, and in spite of a rough ride out and dodging thunderstorms during the day, we managed to put together a nice catch!

9/6 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Things were still a little on the scrappy side today,

Off Again

Between taking a couple days off to go hunting with my father and my son, and just having some open days, I've been nervously watching the fishing reports and jealous of the guys that have been enjoying some great wahoo and dolphin fishing the last few days.

8/29 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

It was nice to get back out after a windy week!

8/23 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

My old friends Butch and Becky came to see me today, after what seemed like forever!

No Pressure

It was another beautiful day offshore, and whenever Doug fishes, all we hear is laughter all day, regardless of what we're catching or not catching!

8/21 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We enjoyed another beautiful day offshore, and had pretty good action as well!

8/20 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Lisa, you've gotta forgive me. My mind went blank and I couldn't think of a catchy title for the report, but it wasn't because the gang didn't have fun!

Quick Trip

The weather wasn't bad today but a couple of my guys still felt a little under the weather.

No Waders Needed

Little bit of an inside joke in the title, but seriously, the weather was perfect again today and the fishing was good too.

Getting Warmer!

...the fishing that is!

Another Family Day!

I had a great time watching these kids catch dolphin and wahoo today!

8/14 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today was pretty similar to yesterday except for a cool north breeze. Pretty nice for August!

8/13 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

It wound up being beautiful today, and the fishing was pretty good!