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Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
After a two week vacation (not really, just sat around and watched it rain and blow), we finally made it back out.

Dolphin fishing was good today, and even though we didn't have any wahoo action, there were a few caught. Now we are looking forward to dealing with a major weather event this weekend. Thanks Steve!


Big Daddy

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
My ol buddy Dwayne showed up with Glenn for another September adventure.

Things were a little scrappy overall, but we were blessed with a little bit of action throughout the day. Out in the deep, the yellowfins found us again and we managed to land three. We picked at a couple different schools of dolphin till we had thirty, and Glenn topped everything off with a sailfish release. Thanks for another great trip Big Daddy!

Please forgive the absence of reports, I have had some computer issues that have just been resolved.

I will post a picture for each report that I missed, but fishing overall has been pretty good. Plenty of dolphin and wahoo, although they were not as abundant today. We did stumble on some birds out in the deep and got our first yellowfin "wham" of the fall. We landed four and a bonito out of seven bites, to go with a handful of dolphin. Thanks Codgers!

We ushered September in with another great day of wahoo fishing!

There weren't many dolphin found today, a few "flip flops" late, but the wahoos stole the show again. We caught about half our bites and landed nine, plus a small gaffer. Another satisfied make-up charter from Hatteras Harbor!


Another Day With Melvin

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
In spite of the numerous showers and occasional rumble of thunder, the weather was pretty nice and fishing was great!

We bailed our limit of dolphin in two stops this morning and went wahoo searching. The bite was on but our average stunk. We went 3 for 13, pulling one off on the leader and sacrificing one to the sharks. Melvin reminded me that year before last we went 8 for 8, so I guess it all works out. Thanks guys!

Austin and the gang enjoyed a beautiful day offshore complete with some great fishing!

Wahoo fishing was pretty good again today, we went three for four. We pushed offshore and beat around in some scattered grass looking for some bailers but happened on a school of gaffers. We landed a dozen including Austin's 30 pounder. We did find some bailers as well, to give the arms a break. Thanks for a great day offshore guys...see you this winter!

Today was SLICK, And the wahoos bit again!

We found a small school of dolphin on the way out, and bailed close to a dozen before putting out the trolling baits. Our average wasn't as good as yesterday but we still hung on to five out of twelve wahoo bites. Plenty good mess of fish to enjoy this week and put away in the freezer. Thanks a lot John!

Today the dolphin fishing slacked off a little...maybe the wahoos ate them!

It took me a while to pick my lip up after our first bit of action, a triple header of sails, went completely wrong. We pushed forward and in to some pretty great wahoo fishing. We wound up landing seven wahoos out of ten bites, with an occasional dolphin bite mixed in. Great friends, great weather and great fishing. Oh, and a mixed grill of dolphin and wahoo at the Wilson's tonight! Thanks Ken

The ocean was a little choppy from 20 knot north winds, but it didn't keep the fish from biting!

We got wrapped up with an area of gaffer dolphin this morning and for a while it looked like May, gaffers on bailing rods. After exhausting my crew, we went looking for some wahoo action. The wahoo bite was better further south but we still caught one and lost one just out of gaff range. In the afternoon my crew was rested up and ready for more dolphin, so we found some bailers and finished up. Thanks for an exciting day Ed!


Plain Lucky

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
Today was beautiful once again, and fishing was outstanding!

Chelsea said that her zucchini bread brought us luck, or maybe it was because she wore her lucky swimsuit, or maybe the lucky shirt. I don't know which it was but we had unbelievable dolphin fishing this morning. Another limit in one stop, but bigger fish today. The wahoos continued to be somewhat scarce but Chelsea did catch the only bite we had today. Thanks for yet another great trip guys!

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