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Stormy Again

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
NOAA forecasted 10-15 out of the east with a slight chance of rain. What REALLY happened was southeast 20 all day and thunderstorms most of the day.

On top of having miserable weather, we were still plagued with poor fishing luck. We lost a sailfish first thing, missed a few dolphin bites then lost several other nice strikes which were probably wahoo. We finally got a wahoo in the boat at 12:45 and it took the rest of the day to land a dolphin! Thanks for hanging in there Melvin, and I hope to get you on some more fish later this fall!

Slick calm but scrappy fishing.

We would have fared better if we could have hung on to more than one of our four wahoo bites, or more than one of several dolphin bites we had...but that's fishing! The guys had a lot of fun between bites teasing each other, and plenty of that went on! See you in the morning Melvin!


Pennsylvania Codgers

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Elmer and the gang are some of my favorite "old codgers". They had another great day offshore today!

We caught some dolphin first thing then went to work on the wahoos. It wasn't that fishing was all that great, but it just wound up being pretty good for us. We landed four nice wahoos and pulled off a couple more. We also had a little billfish action as Tom fought and released a sailfish. I'll see you the same day next year Elmer!

The weather couldn't have been nicer for our trip today, and the fishing was pretty good too!

This morning the talk on the radio briefly rolled over to our memories of the tragic events of 9/11, years ago. Our prayers go out to those who sacrificed and who lost loved ones on that horrible day.
I've gotta say that the older I get, the more I appreciate calm cool weather. That's what we had today. For a change, there was a good sign of dolphin, and the bailers we found were nice ones. We whacked 'em pretty good and went on looking for something else. I did see a sailfish but he didn't bite. We had two wahoo bites today and landed one of them. It was great to see the Crabills again. Thanks Jessica for setting everything up. See you guys next year!

We enjoyed a cool north breeze today and a few wahoo bites!

It wasn't off the charts action but we managed to land four out of six wahoos today. It was a "low pressure" trip, and we all had a great time. Thanks again Dusty for a great time!


Second Scratch

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
After Sty scratched "wahoo" off of his bucket list yesterday, I asked him what was next on the list. He said "a 40 pound wahoo".

Wouldn't you know, it was his turn in the chair when the 43 pounder bit! Great job Sty. We were the only boat out today, the weather wasn't the greatest and the scattered grass was back, making it really hard to fish. We landed two out of three wahoo bites and a couple of dolphin. See you guys in 2016!


Better Wahoo Action

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Last time Sty fished with me we caught a grand slam, which wasn't on his bucket list, but he has been wanting to catch a wahoo, so we scratched that off for him today.

All four of my guys landed a wahoo today plus a nice gaffer dolphin and a couple of bailers. We dodged a few squalls but overall it was a pretty nice day. See you guys tomorrow!


Day Two With The Crew

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
JP and the Daves fished again today, and in spite of a rough ride out and dodging thunderstorms during the day, we managed to put together a nice catch!

The Daves landed a pair of 25 pound dolphin to get things started. I looked at those dolphin several times and never could figure out which one was the bull and which one was the cow. I guess they roll like that. Anyway, we found a nice school of bailers and landed fifteen, and JP got the wahoo again today, one out of two bites. Thanks again guys, it's always a pleasure!

Things were still a little on the scrappy side today,

Fortunately the weather was pretty nice, and we did have a few bites. We landed one out of two wahoo bites, caught a handful of dolphin and Dave released a sailfish. Thanks guys...see you tomorrow!


Off Again

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
Between taking a couple days off to go hunting with my father and my son, and just having some open days, I've been nervously watching the fishing reports and jealous of the guys that have been enjoying some great wahoo and dolphin fishing the last few days.

We were pumped up to get out there and get the Godspeed bloody, but things were overall pretty slow. A couple of boats that fished to the east found some bailers, but most of us fished south in hopes of some wahoo action. We only had four bites all day and landed two. Not to be discouraged though, it will be back on again tomorrow or the next day!

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