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It was a beautiful today as I had expected. I went south in hopes of some gaffers and a big bite.

The water and conditions were fine but I was surprised that we didn't have any more action than we did. I spent most of the day over the hundred, and scrapped out a handful of gaffers, but never saw a marlin. We did make a quick drop for a grouper too! Pretty good blackfin action to the east. Thanks Justin!

Today was the first day of what looks like several gorgeous days in a row!

I aimed further east than I usually go this morning, and over ran the best of the dolphin fishing. We still scrapped out ten gaffers and got hit twice by the yellowfins. Rubber hooks were an issue and we pulled off several yellowfins but landed two 30 pounders plus a blackfin. Feet up for a slick calm ride home this afternoon! Thanks Kent!


Snuck One In

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When I got the call last night, I was doubtful that we'd be able to fish today, based on the weather forecast. Fortunately the wind held off for most of the day and we got it in!

Fishing wasn't "red hot" but it was steady. We caught six blackfins (two citations), two small yellowfins, two wahoos and one small gaffer dolphin. We split at 1:30 because of the wind, and by the time we reached the inlet it was blowing a gale. Glad we snuck one in! Thanks guys.

Today, Juanice and LaWanda joined us for another great day offshore. They caught a nice variety consisting of a dozen gaffers, six blackfins (including a citation 20 pounder) and a wahoo. Thanks ladies!

My good buddy Emmett scheduled a last minute trip, hoping for some blackfin action. We caught some nice gaffers in the morning and the big blackfins came to the top in the afternoon!


Gaffer Kill

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...and then it happened. Gaffers everywhere.

I went the wrong direction this morning, but fishing was so good that it didn't take long to get on track. We wound up with a box full of gaffer dolphin, one wahoo and a couple blackfins. There were a few yellowfins around as well. Thanks Jim!


Long Time, No Sea!

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My friend Dale, who was a faithful customer back in the 90s, finally moved back from across the country. Today was the first time back out since '97!

It was very windy this morning, gusting to 33 at 6:00. We held off until we saw signs of improvement before pulling out. The ocean was rough but not as bad as I had thought. Fishing was pretty spotty this morning but in the afternoon we found some big blackfins and dolphin, and put together a nice catch late in the day. Thanks guys, see you soon!

Great weather and even better fishing!

When your first fish of the day is a citation, 41 pound wahoo, you gotta believe it's gonna be a great day. We wound up catching three wahoos before moving offshore to look for yellowfins. The gaffer dolphin found us first, so we whacked a bunch of them. Towards the end of the day we caught two out of four yellowfin bites and a couple blackfins. Nothing like variety!

Today fishing was good for some and great for others!

The weather was perfect and I've been wanting to explore to the south, so I hung a right and went down where I love it the most. There was lots of bait and a fair number of bites. I spent a good portion of the day out in the deep. We had a pretty steady gaffer dolphin bite, and landed one out of a couple yellowfins. We also did a quick "stop and drop" for a snowy grouper. We had one mystery bite on a big bait, but we'll never know what it was! The boats to the east had great blackfin fishing to go along with gaffers and a couple of wahoos.


Father/Son Duo!

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Today Tom and Zac had a great day of blackfin tuna action!

The weather wound up being pretty nice in spite of the windy forecast (it's usually the other way around). Things started out slow but by late morning the blackfins were biting pretty good. Thanks for a great day of fishing guys!

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