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The Kelmer Klan

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
Today my great friend (and ex-slave) Jonboy brought his family out for the annual Godspeed adventure.

Things were slow all over today. I found an edge this morning that I would have bet the farm on, but never had a dolphin bite. We batted 500, landing 2 out of 4 wahoos, thanks to Mitch and Zander. The weather was beautiful and we had lots of laughs in between the bites. Thanks guys!



Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
So, this is what it's like to have sons AND daughters. Today was the daughter's day and Thursday the sons have to try and beat them.

None of the girls had ever been offshore before, so I thought the did pretty good. We had several schools of dolphin today and wound up with a barrel full of bailers plus Mattie's nice gaffer. OK boys...gonna have to strap it on!

Today Craig brought a boatload of kids, which was fine, but we REALLY needed some bailers to get them in the game.

Fishing was slow. Davis hooked a wahoo first thing, but a shark got more than half of the fish before we landed it. After pulling a lot of grass and only a couple other bites, they decided to wrap it up and head back in. The cool thing is that I'll have a chance to redeem today's slow fishing this fall. See you then!

Today was beautiful and sunny till the afternoon, then it became beautiful and drizzly.

There were very few dolphin found today so we stuck to the task of wahoo fishing. We had five bites and landed two. Not a ton of action today but some nice steaks for the grill! Thanks again guys!

The weather was beautiful today, cool, light north winds, and pretty good fishing too.

We scrapped out a pretty nice catch today, but caught a fraction of what we found. We caught one out of four wahoo bites, and I found three "mega schools" of dolphin, but they were completely uncooperative. Fortunately a few of them were dumb enough to bite. There was a good sign of blackens and some wahoo action further to the east as well.

Mike and the guys said they didn't care about the 25 knot sou'wester. They wanted to go fishing!

It was as rough as I expected, certainly fishable but pretty snatchy. We scrapped out a nice catch of dolphin including a handful of gaffers. We missed our one wahoo bite and had a couple of unsuccessful billfish encounters. At the end of the day, everybody was happy! Thanks Mike.

My ol' buddy Al showed back up after YEARS of being away. Hope they are hungry for some mahi!

We had a "blue million/one stop shopping" experience this morning, and whacked a limit of bailers first thing. The next request was for a wahoo, but I wasn't able to fill it. We had two bites and missed them both. Still, I'm pretty sure everybody had a ball...I know I did!

Today Joe and Susan celebrated the anniversary of the day they were married on the Godspeed, 5 years ago!

Fishing was pretty good today. We found a couple of schools of dolphin but they weren't overly cooperative. We caught one out of four wahoo bites, but some of the guys had much better luck. There was also a pretty good sign of bills today, and Trace released a sailfish as well. Thanks guys, and congratulations!

Today we had a slick calm morning but a crazy afternoon!

I decided to explore the deep today, and it paid off. We found a giant school of dolphin and had a "one stop shopping" experience. I worked back in to the hundred to look for a marlin but noticed the dark sky inshore. A heavy area of thunderstorms was headed offshore with lots of wind, rain and lightning. With our day already made, I suggested we wrap it up a little early, so we headed on in. Thanks for a fun trip Bob!

I had Chuck and the gang scheduled to fish Tuesday but with the sketchy sounding forecast, decided to take them today.

It was pleasant offshore with a cool north breeze. The wind direction, however, made the grass scattered and difficult to fish. We did land a couple of nice gaffers and a wahoo, but Zander caught the only tuna of the day...great job buddy! Thanks again Chuck

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