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Fishing was still a little scrappy today but we scrounged around and put together a nice catch anyway!

We caught a couple gaffers and a yellowfin first thing, then plucked away at the blackfins for a bit. Overall kinda slow but we got lucky! Thanks Paul, don't wait so long next time!

Today was beautiful but scrappy fishing.

Southeast winds didn't help a thing, as the grass was scattered and nearly impossible to fish. Bites were scarce, and on top of that we had a dose of bad luck hanging on to them. Still, Caleb landed a 25 pound yellowfin to go along with a gaffer dolphin out of several bites, and a snowy grouper off the bottom. Thanks for spending a beautiful day with us guys!

Slick calm day spent in the deep!

We scrapped out a nice catch of dolphin but we had to work pretty hard for them. The grass was scattered and hard to keep baits clear but you had to get in it to get a bite. Thanks for a fun day Ernie!


On The Bottom

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Steve and the guys wanted to try something different today since they caught dolphin yesterday.

The current was running too hard last time we tried to bottom fish, but Steve has been wanting to lay eyes on a golden tile for some time. Conditions weren't perfect today, but good enough. We caught several nice goldens and a pile of rosefish for the fryer. Thanks for two great days!


More May Gaffers

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Today, Steve, Frank, and the boys toughed out a choppy day offshore but were rewarded with a barrel of gaffers!

There was a scattered gaffer dolphin about everywhere you went today. See you guys in the morning for day two!



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The marlin bite was on again today, although we didn't get an invitation.

The southeast winds made the grass difficult to fish for dolphin, but we still landed a handful of nice gaffers while we waited for the blue marlin that never showed up. Thanks Chris for another great day!


Monkey Off

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It's always a great feeling get your first blue marlin of the year out of the way...and on to number two!

Our day started out with two wahoos, the we missed the next four. Conditions sounded great offshore so we moved out a little deeper where we got jumped by a 350 pound blue marlin. Tom did a great job angling the fish to the boat after a great show. The grass was pretty scattered in the deep, and some guys found floats and did well with the dolphin. We caught five gaffers to go with the wahoos and marlin memories. Thanks Roger!


Split Day

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Woody and the guys wanted to split the day up, so we fished a few hours offshore and then back in to look for some cobia.

Things started out pretty slow offshore, We missed a few dolphin bites and lost a wahoo before jogging back in to the beach. We spotted several cobias, hooked three and landed two. The guys were happy to try something different from yesterday and all enjoyed spotting the fish! Thanks Woody.

We're in the middle of another "pretty weather stretch"...and I'm liking it!

The blue marlin bite was better today than yesterday, but my group showed no interest in a big bite. Dolphin fishing was a little more "scattered" today but we stuck with it and put together a nice catch of gaffers. See you guys in the morning!


Day In The Deep

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We couldn't have asked for a better day. Slick calm and great fishing!

I had hoped to find a few dolphin early and spend the rest of the day looking for a blue marlin. Thanks to my ol' buddy Finn, who found and handed off a float loaded with gaffers, we got the first part done. The marlin bite was on, and with all the boats fishing on the last day of the tournament, there was plenty of action. We got a tug out of a mystery bite, and later had a blue marlin try both long riggers, but no hook up. Plenty of action around the fleet though. Thanks guys, see you again soon!

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