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Outer Banks Fishing Report - September 2013


Fishing Duo

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
Today John and his wife Vicki joined us for another GREAT day offshore!

We landed four wahoos and four nice blackfin tunas today. We also hooked one out of a doubleheader of sailfish, but he jumped off. We had a session of organized chaos when I found a float loaded with dolphin. Justin kept things under control and we managed to bail 30 or so. Thanks for a great day guys, and thanks for all the goodies!


Vietnam Brothers

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Today my friend Michael, who is a disabled Vietnam veteran fished with me for the second time this year. We invited my friend John, who is a local and also a Vietnam vet, to spend the day with us.

It was touching to see these guys get acquainted and listen to them share stories. We can't pretend to know what these guys went through if we weren't there. I am thankful for them and all of our veterans.
Anyway, we had excellent dolphin fishing again today. The tunas didn't cooperate as well. We got hit one time and landed two out of five yellowfins. After that it was not much action for us. Near the end of the day we hooked a sailfish and Jonathan angled him successfully to the boat for the release. Great way to end the day! Thanks Michael!

Ok, call it beginner's luck, but these first timers CRUSHED the fish today!

We started out finding a couple of the hungriest schools of dolphin you've ever seen. They were dying to get on the Godspeed, so we obliged them. Next, we shifted gears and started getting some yellowfin bites, and before the day was over we had our limit of them as well! Matthew, you guys made us look good! You're welcome back anytime!


Hog Killin'

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It was a non-stop fishing extravaganza for Miss Connie and company!

We started the day out with a limit of dolphin and a "one stop shopping" experience. Next we concentrated on wahoo and tuna fishing, and that went pretty well too. We finished up with four wahoos and a pretty nice catch of yellowfin and nice blackfin tuna. The day was finished off with our annual "blessing of the fleet" which is a processional of commercial and charter boats in to the harbor, followed by a blessing. It was a great day!


Another Wahoo Kill!

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Not a lot to say except beautiful weather and great fishing!

I actually over ran the fish this morning, but once I got back in position, it was happening. I don't know how many bites we had but we landed ten wahoos today. We had a great time and ALL of us are gonna be eating good for a while! Thanks for the fish Don, and I'll see you guys soon!


Big Bailers!

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Today, with a nicer weather forecast, I made plans to fish back up where I fished yesterday, and cap off a catch of wahoos with some yellowfins. Everything about my plan went wrong!

First, the light northeast winds turned out to be 20 + all day, against 2 1/2 knots of current. It was much rougher than I had expected. Second, there was no wahoo action to the east, and even though I trolled ten more miles to the east hoping for a tuna wham, that never materialized either. The good news was that all the wahoos and tunas turned in to dolphin! We managed to bail a limit of big bailers in a couple of stops. Holden and Rose both had fun, but I think Rose was glad to get back in to calmer water! Not many boats fished south but I think there may have been better wahoo action down there. Thanks David!

Today was a bit challenging with the 20-25 knot northeast winds, but we survived and caught some nice fish too!

Don't get me wrong...it wasn't THAT bad, but compared to the weather that we've had lately, it was what you might call "sporty". We had some pretty good wahoo fishing and landed six of our nine bites. We also caught one gaffer dolphin. We had a sailfish encounter on a flatline, and had him hooked briefly, but couldn't finish. One other boat that was out caught a couple of yellowfins too. Thanks Jim, see you next fall!

This morning I headed back to the same area that I fished yesterday, but the current had picked up and the conditions were completely different.

The wahoos didn't have much of an appetite today. We had three bites, landed two and pulled the third one off just before the gaff. It was a beautiful day, so trolling around and listening to the laughter from my charter was pretty enjoyable even though we weren't catching much. We did have some sailfish action this afternoon and released one, and a while later found a couple of schools of dolphin that were cooperative. On the way home we went through the "boat wash" and gave the Godspeed a good bath! Thanks for a great day Elmer!


Hot Wahoo!

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Today we had some of the best wahoo fishing of the fall.

Our first action of the day was a doubleheader of sailfish. One jumped off but Tom angled the second one to the boat for a successful catch and release. Once the wahoos started biting, it was pretty good fishing. One of our objectives was for 9 year old Brock to catch his first wahoo. He landed three! By the time the smoke cleared, we landed eleven wahoos. This kind of fishing is right up my alley. I LOVE it! Thanks for another great day Tom!


Slacked Off

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Even though fishing wasn't "off the hook" like it has been, there were still some bites and everybody scrapped out a catch.

I was the southern most boat, and I was hoping for a gold mine in the deep. We found a beautiful area of birds and I expected to strike the yellowfins anytime, but it never happened. It took me a while to work back up and inshore where there had been some bites, but it paid off and in the afternoon we had some action. We had seven or eight wahoo bites and landed three of them. We also caught a couple of yellowfins out of three bites. Thanks again Joe!

Today I spent more time on the break, and had some pretty great wahoo action.

I did make a lap out to 150 fathoms this morning, but my gut told me I needed to be back inshore. During my travels I found a patch of grass and caught twenty dolphins around it. After that we concentrated on the hoos. We had a pretty good percentage today and wound up landing seven. Congratulations Melvin on a citation, 42 pounder! Once again, we had a slick calm day. Thanks for spending it with us!


It Only Gets Better!

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
Man, what a day. It started out good and only improved!

Not to sound like a broken record, but the weather was, once again, BEAUTIFUL! Fishing was great too. We started out our day with a wahoo, which was fine, but today I decided to get some quality time in the deep, so off I went. It's always a roll of the dice, but this time we rolled the right way. The next thing that happened was a doubleheader of sailfish. Dave and Laura both successfully caught and released one. Next on my list of things to do was to find some yellowfins. Well, I found a lot of birds and we got covered up twice, but most of what we caught were big oceanic bonitos, and not our targeted species. We did manage to pull three yellowfins out of it though. I found a patch of grass with some dolphin around it, and we caught a few, but the best was yet to come. I found a tree floating out there that was loaded down with gaffers and big bailers. We killed 'em. It was a beautiful thing. As we trolled back inshore, we hooked another sailfish, so Dwayne wasn't left out of the billfish action. He angled it to the boat for a picture and a release. Since we didn't get a photo of Laura's sailfish, she had to catch a nice wahoo at the end of the day to get her picture made! Thanks again Dwayne for a wonderful day offshore!


Great Variety!

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
I am starting to get used to this pretty stretch of weather we are in the middle of! I am getting pretty used to the fishing too....it's been GREAT!

Today we had a variety of action. Our wahoo fishing was pretty good although we didn't spend much time on the wahoo grounds. We caught two of our six bites today. We made a pass out in the deep and got struck by the yellowfins, and landed four. After bailing dolphin around a float and again around a big patch of grass, we had pretty close to a limit. We also had an unsuccessful shortrigger bite from a sailfish. Thanks Brent for bringing your family back out with us for another great day offshore!



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It just doesn't get any better than we had it today. Slick calm ocean, great friends and good fishing!

Just to set the story straight, "Wahooterville" was what the guys started screaming every time we hooked a wahoo! We got lucky and landed six today, including a 41 pounder to earn Dave a citation. We had some pretty good gaffer dolphin fishing as well, and landed five of them over 20 pounds, the biggest earned the other Dave a citation at 42 pounds! A lap out in the deep got us a couple of blackfin tuna bites to complete the meat fish slam. Thanks guys for yet another great offshore adventure!


Another Killer Day

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My group was pretty amped up to look for yellowfin, so we headed back to the east.

The tuna fishing wasn't as "fast and furious" as it has been, but it was still plenty good. We got struck a couple times and hit a couple of singles which all added up to sixteen yellowfins in the box. Towards the end of the day I found a float, and it was holding a nice school of dolphin, bailers AND gaffers. We managed to catch 30 or so, including a 30 pounder, a 20 pounder and several smaller gaffers. It was just one of those special days! Thanks again Greg, and as always, it was a pleasure.

The ocean was glassy today and the fishing was GREAT!

You had to pick your poison, but the yellowfins were biting to the east and the wahoos were biting to the south. We struggled with hanging on to our bites today but we did land three wahoos and a mess of bailer dolphin around a float that I found. Great day to be offshore!


September Yellowfins!

Posted By Captain Dave in fishing | Permalink | Comments
We rolled the dice this morning and took a boat ride to the east.

It turned out to be a good move as we limited out on yellowfin! Beautiful weather and great fishing. Thanks Charlie, hope to see you guys again soon!

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