the tunas are gettin’ bigger!

Today I noticed the class of tuna had gone from 20-30 pounders to 40-50 pounders.

One thing about my fishing reports is that good or bad, right or wrong, you’re gonna get the straight scoop. Every dog has his day, and I have my share, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out like we planned! Some of the guys had pretty nice catches of tuna today, and I’d say at the low end, I heard of one boat that only caught one. I don’t know, maybe we were somewhere in the middle, but it wasn’t because of lack of bites. We had way plenty of bites, enough that we should have caught a dozen tunas, easy, but I guess we still haven’t culled out all of the rubber hooks yet. We caught six nicer tunas, 40-50 pounders, and lost a 70 pounder just before the gaff. It happens. Anyway, we’ve got a little stretch of trips coming up, so stay tuned.