3/29 offshore report

There was a good sign of yellowfin AND bluefin tuna today.

Conditions were a little different today, from yesterday. There was a big pocket of cold water shoved over the area that has been most productive for the yellowfin lately. We had to make a choice, go northeast or southwest to get out of it. I chose northeast, and was pretty satisfied with my decision. Once we got back in to the warmer water, we found schools of bluefin, mostly 50-60 pounders, rolling on the surface, and pods of yellowfin with birds over them. Bluefins have to be 47 inches to keep, and you can only keep one per day, so we had to throw a couple back before we got a keeper. the yellowfins were a little finiky, but we did catch ten of them, and a half dozen throw backs. Later in the afternoon, two boats that went the opposite direction had some pretty good luck on the yellowfin, about 20 miles southwest of where I was. All in all, it was a gorgeous day, and the Fox Watersports gang had a great time!